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FLIDAS - Flight Data Studio

FLIDAS reads IRIG 106 Chapter 10 files with flight data and allows accessing the data on the raw data, protocol and Parameter level for display and export. It also allows debugging the CH10 file structure itself. Recently features for displaying activity and content of CH10 UDP Data Streams are being added.

Read more on the FLIDAS overview and future planning


FLIDAS is available in a free version and four general purpose commercial versions that can be further extended by plug-ins for specific needs. The general purpose versions have a very affordable price.

Read more on the features of each version and the supported protocols

XML CH10 mapping

An XML CH10 mapping plug-in offers creation of artificial CH10 files with an XML definition and conversion of real CH10 files to XML. This is a unique feature of FLIDAS so far that made it to the official documents of the IRIG 106 standards body. It is included in the free version. Read more on this.

Application areas

See some application areas where FLIDAS can be used..


These downloads are free. No registration required. 32 / 64 bit depends on your installed Java version. Other operating systems can be supported, you just need to request. Both downloads are about 32 MB and include an online manual. A separate PDF manual can also be downloaded. The exact file size and MD5 checksums are given to allow you verifying the download. If you don't know how to handle MD5 checksums, check the FAQ section of the PDF manual below.

Download File size MD5 checksum
FLIDAS 3.4.0 for Windows for 32 bit Java 34574621 68961d09cfae58451be680e7a46dae25
FLIDAS 3.4.0 for Windows for 64 bit Java 34592342 19b8093201d8e45b690784beacaad042
Separate PDF manual 3185540 a9ae08c3912db9c6616c28d75b58758b
Linux on request:

Simply extract the ZIP archive in a directory on your hard disc. There is no installation, registry entries, spyware etc. You don't even need administrator privileges. To clean up just delete the directory.

You will need a Java 7 or later runtime environment (most likely already installed on your computer). Otherwise download Java here.

It is intended to discontinue Windows XP and Java 7 support. Both are no longer supported by the developers. This doesn't mean FLIDAS will definitely not work with Windows XP anymore. Oracle claims that Java 8 can be installed on Windows XP but there is no support for it in case it fails under special system configurations. For new customers we will try to avoid any Windows XP or Java 7 dependencies.


Click on the screenshot of FLIDAS analyzing several IRIG 106 Chapter 10 files to enlarge it in a new window.

Screenshot of FLIDAS on Windows

Click here for more screenshots.

Price / Ordering

The prices for the four general purpose versions range from 1000 € to 2600 €. See the pricing within the description of the different versions.

The delivery will be via download and require an official purchase order (P.O.). Preferred payment option is a bank transfer but credit cards are also accepted. An open account invoice and evaluation versions of the commercial release are available if justified by the situation.

Prices for individual extensions, multi-license discounts and an update scheme are available on request.

Contact now to order.

Software architecture

FLIDAS is designed for extensibility and platform independence and to be used as a building block in your flight testing department. See here how the software is designed to do so..

License for the free download

This software is provided free of charge. You receive the non-exclusive right to produce copies of the software (this implies also executing it on your computer) but may not sell it.

The place of jurisdiction shall be Munich in Germany. German law shall apply to this license agreement.

See the manual for the license that applies to the commercial version.

Third party licenses

FLIDAS contains third party components that are free of charge. They are subject to different licenses that are provided here.

Eclipse Application framework

This library is used for the graphical user interface and management of plug-ins and is taken from the Eclipse project

The software parts created by DBT are no "contributions" in the sense of the Eclipse license.

This Eclipse license must be brought to your attention.