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Company logo MBS Electronics MBS electronics develops ths hardware modules used by GSS100r and also sells the software itself. They also develop modules for most other types of avionic interfaces.

Company logo GSS Avionics GSS Avionics is developing GSS100r in cooperation with Data Bus Tools. They also develop modules for most types of avionic interfaces.

Organizations The Range Commander Council (RCC) is publishing the IRIG 106 standard. The site is sometimes unavailable for non US access. In this case download the standards from
TSCC - Telemetering Standards Coordination Committee The TSCC is a committee of government and industry organizations that provides input to the RCC (Range comanders council), i.e. the IRIG 106 standards body. The TSCC is the place where upcoming changes in the IRIG 106 standard are discussed before they are formally agreed upon by the RCC.

IRIG 106 information sources A website containing some information and sample files on IRIG 106.